Longzhen's "Sunflower" program is a unique platform. Our international volunteers offer an extra dimension of care and service to our residents, empathy for families and visitors, and supportive services for staff. Having the opportunity to spend time with the local Chinese elderly is a culturally rewarding and memorable experience. No previous experience is necessary to make a difference. Our volunteers are provided orientation and training to be successful in their positions. When possible we offer flexibility with schedules and no weekly commitment.

Individuals who are willing to give a minimum of 2 hours per month, for at least four months or a total of 25 hours in one year are encouraged to apply to become a member of the Sunflower Volunteers. Volunteer opportunities extend to high school students as young as 16, as well as college and adult volunteers who may be seeking ways to serve the community or practicing Mandarin.

Volunteers are required to:

1. Meet with a member of our staff for a personal interview
2. Complete our application process with assistance
3. Attend Longzhen Senior Care volunteer orientation

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to send us an email:

Sebastian Yin

We look forward to seeing you in our program!

Sunflower Volunteer Program Office
Longzhen Senior Care

Volunteering at LongZhen Senior Care